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Remember the days when we first got decent mobile devices, but there were no porn games to play on them because everything in the adult gaming world was coming in Flash? Because I remember and I used to have the sites claiming to give us mobile sex games only to lure us on their sites and bombard us with ads. Well, I’m happy to tell you that all those sites are gone now. They have been buried once the internet switched from Flash to HTML5. And that’s exactly what we have on our site. Gay Android Games is coming with a massive collection that offers hardcore porn games built using HTML5, all of which have been tested to assure their functionality on your Android device.

Not only that these new games will work on mobile, but they offer a way more immersive and exciting gameplay experience. The games that we have on our site are coming with everything you need for a fun time. They have better graphics and realistic movement, sound that will make you feel like you’re watching a porn movie and even some customization features which will allow you to change things about the characters in ways that will personalize the whole experience. The collection we have is massive and it also comes with games from all the main categories of gay porn, plus some fringe kinks that will surely please the naughtiest of you. Find out more about our site from the paragraphs below.

The Hottest Gay Porn Games On The Web

Gay Android Games is coming with so many hardcore sex games you can play directly in your browser. You will have so many options here. Not only that we feature all kinds of kinks, but we also come with games from all kinds of genres. The sex simulators of our site are perfect for when you just want to enjoy hardcore sex. They can be compared to gonzo porn, because there is little to none plot development and the gameplay is focusing only on giving you liberty to fuck characters however you want. You can put them in all kinds of positions, have them worship your avatar dick and even put toys inside them. We also have games in which you can enjoy sex from the perspective of a bottom.

But besides that, we are coming with a collection of wild porn games that will put you in the middle of all sorts of fantasy scenarios. Our RPG sex games are coming with kinks such as family taboo, first time gay sex, boyfriend experience, or dating simulators. In these games you will enjoy all the things that are making fantasies hot besides sex, meaning the interaction you have with other characters.

For those of you who have crushes on characters from cartoons, anime or mainstream video games, we have parody sex games on our site. And the characters in these games look exactly like the original ones because the HTML5 gives creators a lot of execution liberty and ease. In the fetish part of our site, we come with BDSM gay games, furry gay games and even with monster gay games. There is much more waiting for you. Just browse our collection and pick the game you need for the perfect orgasm.

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The most appreciated thing about our site is the fact that we offer all these games for free. You won’t need to pay for them and you won’t need to join us as a member before playing them. We opened up everything on our site to the visitors, including the comment sections and all the other community features. You can now play unlimited games on your Android with no strings attached. And the beauty of HTML5 is the fact that it works on all platforms. We might have tested the games on Android, but they sure work perfectly on Mac, PC and even on iOS devices. Everything is enjoyed directly in your browser and there won’t be any needs to download or install anything. You just come on our site and enjoy the content that we have for you!

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